•   Projen group was founded in the 1980's, headquarters is located in the state-level Economic Development Zone, Yunnan Province, Dali City, Feng Yi Innovation Industrial Park, with a total area of more than 5400 acres, with more than 10000 employees, including all types of professional and technical personnel more than 1500 people.

      Projen group is a set of commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, research and development, manufacturing, sales, service and international trade, real estate development, cultural tourism industry, industry, science and technology for one of the cross regional, cross industry, the diversified development of private enterprises. After decades of development, it has become Yunnan automotive equipment and spare parts manufacturing enterprises, the provincial city key pillar enterprises, in 2013 among the "Chinese private enterprises in the manufacturing sector and 500" 235, the first one in Yunnan Province ; in 2014 among the "Chinese private enterprises in the manufacturing sector and 500" 219, Yunnan Province, the first one; in 2015 among the "top 500 Chinese private enterprises" Article 318, Yunnan private enterprise manufacturing Industry 1, Yunnan ranked No. 2 in the top 100 private enterprises in the province in 2015.

      Since 2003, the group under the "based on the southwest, facing the country, the international aspect of" strategic planning guidance, fully enter the field of commercial vehicles. Group southwestern region a larger scale, a higher degree of modernization of the professional commercial vehicle manufacturing enterprises, with "SOJEN",  "PROJEN"  two brand products, 42 series, 146 product kingpin All products have passed the "CCC" mandatory national certification. In addition to the existing products, but also to provide customers with customized services. Projen group currently has a factory in Dali, Yunnan Fengyi cars, tractors and electric Dengchuan automobile factory, automobile factory in Bijie, Guizhou Zunyi dedicated automobile factory, automobile factory in Guizhou Danzhai special five-legged race of commercial vehicles industry pattern. To create a complete industrial chain of commercial vehicles, group also has two auto parts industry base supporting both import and export company, a marketing company. Product coverage throughout the country and Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Africa and other international markets. Service network in accordance with where the Lifan Sojen products, where there is supporting the service station to the layout. Group always adhere to the "timely release specification enthusiasm," the service concept, to care for people trucks, trucks create culture, to give people a full range of truck care experience.

      Projen group adhere to "highlight the main industry, multi-industry simultaneously, and take the road of diversified development." In addition to its automotive industry, but also to develop real estate, culture, tourism, technology and other industries. Dali Locke real estate owned real estate development company and when Guizhou Chun Real Estate Development Co., the more representative projects Yunnan Dali Fengyi Manor, Bijie Wumeng manor; cultural tourism industry has a cultural communication company and a hotel operator management companies, hotel operation and management company manages its a super-luxury hotel and a luxury hotel that 2016 is about to open for business in Dali international hotel and in has called geothermal country of Eryuan built in spa hotel in the future also will participate in its top luxury international hotel management; technology industry has to operate independently of Dali projen Technology Co., Ltd.

      In 2012, the party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, has come to inspect and guide Projen group, namely the development of enterprises to give full recognition and high hopes.

      August 23, 2013, the Politburo Standing Committee of CPC Central Committee Liu Yunshan come Projen Group inspection guidance, guiding the Projen Group to push forward grass-roots party organizations and services, enhance service awareness, enhance service functions, improve service ability to make grassroots Party organizations to lead the well-being of employees and development backbone.

      January 20, 2015 morning, Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit the group visited. He sends word that "fierce competition in the automotive market, hoping the next innovation by innovation to win market and win development."