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    With the mission of “Innovation Winning Development, Quality Achieving Better Branding, and Brand Creating Bright Future”, PROJEN INDUSTRIES actively practicipates the remarks from General Secretary Xi Jinping of “Winning development through innovation”, sticking to the developmental principle of “Simplifying and specializing the industries owned by the company by focusing on main businesses from multi-level and multi-direction".PROJEN INDUSTRIES focuses on the manufacturing industry, at the same time, achieves the industry development in the way of "+ Internet," +intelligent ", "+ culture ", planning the high-tech, cultural tourism and construction sectors as a whole, adhering to the enterprise goal of "create win-win ecosystem ecology". PROJEN INDUSTRIES have now developed into a comprehensive industrial ecosphere with harmonious development of manufacturing, cultural tourism, high and new technology, construction engineering.


    Ecosphere of manufacturing industry


    One-stop, all-around, all-channel after-automobile ecosphere of integrated manufacturing, marketing and servicing; implementing the idea of “caring Truck People” in its products and services under the atmosphere of “innovation and sharing”; to establish a complete industry chain of adequate autonomous right with cooperative partner, which perpendicular to the idea of “sharing and win-win”, so as to extend the additional value and converted value of the industry.


    Ecosphere of cultural tourism industry


    By establishing the marketing integration of PROJEN EXPERIENCE’s integrated solution, to achieve the new commercial activities of “culture+”, to provide integrated creative cultural transmission program covering brand building, brand marketing, product marketing; Livable Dali, highlights the characteristic of exquisite and elegant, exploring regional nature and folk culture, letting the ecological return, establishing the most livable hotel lifestyle, respecting the nature and life, meanwhile, creating a multi-level independent hotel brand through the continuous improvement of the hotel industry line, and dedicated to provide guests with “comforting, comfortable” experiences of tourism and life.


    Hi-tech Industrial Ecosystem Zone

    Focusing on newest sci-tech element including “Internet +”, 3D printing, drones and such. By establishing programs contain sci-tech concept, including “Yue+Car Networking”, 3D printing, drone programs and PROJEN general aviation, to create more humanized, intelligentized and personalized sci-tech products by applying sci-tech element into relevant products and services, so as to continue expanding creativity and technological incubating ability of PROJEN high-tech industry platform. 


    Construction industry ecosystem


    Integrate SMART PROJEN, PROJEN culture, PROJEN ingenuity into staff’s life, dedicated to create lifestyles around PROJEN factory which highlight PROJEN’s feeling of “happy about this, live in this”, including Leju Real Estate; Guizhou Juhao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd which mostly undertake projects of road construction and municipal works with the aim of professionalism and honesty, repaying the society in the increasingly competitive construction of real estate and municipal works.