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    Corporate culture is the source of business development and an important showcase of corporate image. The people-oriented corporate culture is an inexhaustible motive force for building the core competitiveness of enterprises and maintaining the healthy development of the company.

    Corporate purpose: Integration, cooperation, development and sharing

    Corporate goals: Build an eco-economy and a win-win ecosystem

    Corporate Mission: Keep innovation to develop; ensure quality to achieve; strengthen brand to cast future

    Service concept: timeliness, enthusiasm, standardization and open

    Development concept: strengthen the main business; maintain a multi-level, multi-directional, unique and professional development

    Management Concept: Professionalization, dataization, informationization, and intelligentization

    Achievement concept: turning passive into initiative, changing career into an undertaking; changing word of mouth into guideline

    Cooperation Concept: Industrial Alliance, sharing and win-win

    Brand Concept: Professionalism, care, inheritance and inventiveness

    Five Consciousness: Subjective Consciousness, brand consciousness, cost consciousness, planning awareness and business-oriented awareness

    1.Nanshan Spirit: Not afraid to endure hardship, dare to innovate, make concerted efforts and put customers first. Nanshan Tractor Factory is the first factory established by the company. During the Nanshan period, under the leadership of Chairman Ma Weiliang, more than 300 workers of the company, without modern factory buildings and production equipment and relied only on self-made tooling molds, always stood at the customers' point of view to manufacture products and provide the best after-sales service in a timely manner, yielding more than 300 million yuan of output value in only one year. Excellent achievement was made under the guidance of Nanshan spirit and facing the new journey, we should not forget the beginning insights. As a new generation of "Projen people", we must actively inherit the fine traditions of the Nanshan period and let the Nanshan spirits last.

    2.Inventiveness£ºInventiveness is a skill, a feeling, but also a faith in the unremitting pursuit of perfect quality. Returning to the essence and inheriting Chinese inventiveness, the inventiveness of Porjen provided a high-quality platform for each employee to have a unique ¡°inventiveness¡± and truly nurtured a spirit of love of work and an attitude of excellence, so that each employee¡¯s career development and breakthrough were achieved.  Develop in-depth the core values of each industry, bring out the ultimate craftsmanship, and strive to have fine, special, and excellent one or two products in each industry sector. Continuous innovation, optimization, and breakthroughs should be done for each of the Group's services to customers. With the heart of the craftsmen, we will perfect products and services to enhance the added value and brand value.

    3.Caring spirit: People-oriented, caring for the community and give back to society.  Put people first, care for them, and constantly improve the staff's payroll system and soft benefits to improve the sense of presence and value. The people-oriented approach gives truckers an all-round care experience and continues to improve the automotive aftermarket service platform. People-oriented and customers- first, continue to meet the needs of customer experience and give products more brand value.