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    Projen Group's corporate culture

    1. business purpose: integration, cooperation and development, sharing

    2.business objectives: China is committed to playing a leading private enterprise group

    3.Enterprise mission: to build the ecosystem, and win-win ecosystem

    4. corporate style: simple process, high efficiency, strict monitoring

    5.corporate philosophy: the market is essential, talent is the basis

    6.the spirit of enterprise:

    Nanshan spirit: not afraid of hardship, innovation, courageously fighting

    Ingenuity spirit: perseverance humbly attentive persistent innovation

    Caring spirit: people-oriented, caring staff, build high-rise to the  middle, the middle of the grass-roots, grass-roots activities for  customers infinite love, full, dedicated service; contribute to the  community, preparing platinum Chun Care Fund.

    7. corporate values: the courage to innovate, dare to do things, dare to play, dare to challenge

    8.Talent: pay attention to the selection process of employees, pay  attention to employee personal knowledge, attention to staff career.

    Open  platform management philosophy: Ma Li Bin, president of the Group's  personnel requirements is passive career planning, career change to  become proactive planning. Each group job is an open platform, the Group's resources are for the service personnel. Use of the group's platform, to enhance self-worth, self-worth.

    Private custom compensation system: Breaking the conventional fixed  salary system, as long as dare to dare to bear, employees create value  for the Group, is the corresponding value created for themselves.

    Higher  dimension wider promotion mechanisms: for employees of different  abilities tailored to the mechanism for the promotion of self-worth, not  seniority, ability and performance to speak, to ensure that the  outstanding employees in time come to the fore, quickly realize their  career development aims.

    9.the service concept: the timely release norms and enthusiasm

    10. Competition concept: the strong quality, inspire staff innovation;  image outside, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

    11.Development: highlighting the diversified development of the main industry

    12.the management concept: specialization, information, intelligence, data-oriented

    13. Quality: in accordance with standard Lean weight details

    14. The legal concept: Honesty and Credit Law Division of Fair Trading

    15. Achievement Concept: turn passive to active career as a career change

    16.the concept of time: work never completed before the scheduled node

    17. The concept of science and technology: the technology and innovation to drive business growth

    18. Benefit concept: quality and effective co-exist in the same services and benefits

    19. Cooperation concept: shared win Baotuan heating industry alliance

    20. team concept: obedience under the innovation, the challenges of  the next collision wolf, benevolent invincible, invincible wise, brave  invincible.

    21.Brand Concept: Professional Care Inheritance