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    Story of SOJEN•F Series Products(Overseas)

    In 1978, A Materials Corporation, the predecessor of the Group and State-owned Industry & Trade Circulation corporation, was founded and subordinated to Dengchuan Materials Station of Eryuan county

    In June 2003, Dali Junma Industry & Trade Group was established. It set up production lines in Eryuan County with an annual output of 30 thousand tractors and annual sales revenue of 820 million Yuan;

    In 2004, Yunnan Lifan Junma Vehicles Co., Ltd. was established. After over ten years dedication, it has now developed into a company with a total area of over 5400 acres and total employees of more than 10000 (where more than 1500 are technology professionals); in addition, five manufacturing bases including Dali Fengyi Automobile Manufacturing Base, Dali Dengchuan Automobile Manufacturing Base (Agricultural Machinery Equipment Factory and Power-driven Automobile Factory), Guizhou Bijie Automobile Manufacturing Base, Guizhou Zunyi Automobile Manufacturing Base, and Guizhou Danzai Special Vehicle Manufacturing Base; it is a trans-regional, cross-industry and diversified Group which covers manufacturing business dominated by vehicle manufacturing, tourism and culture, high technology and construction.

    Dali Fengyi Automobile Manufacturing Base


    Dali Dengchuan Tractors Manufacturing Base


    Guizhou Bijie Automobile Manufacturing Base


    Guizhou Danzhai Special Vehicles Manufacturing Base


    Guizhou Zunyi Automobile Manufacturing Base



    Concentration, Craftsmanship and Sharing

    Brand creation: carrying the thought of Caring for and Loving Truckers, redefining Chinese truck culture, further integrating resources, carrying out Dual Brands strategy, providing commercial vehicle resolution, reducing truckers overall operation cost, leading the trend of driving experience for car-based trucks, sparing no effort to create trucks ecosphere.


    Quality enhancement: Capacity structure optimization (Dali Fengyi Automobile Manufacturing Base carried out overall technical upgrade), warehousing intellectualization, vehicle assembly automation, 3D technology application and datamation & information management. Build up premium manufacturing platform for SOJEN by reference to Made in China 2015and Industry 4.0.




    Industry convergence: With the conception of maximizing the utilization of Groups resources, we optimize and integrate the manufacturing industry, tourism and culture industry, high technology industry and construction industry owned by the Group. Thereby, we develop cyclic economy by building an mutual beneficial ecosphere for upstream, midstream and downstream supply chains.