• Quality  Warranty  Manual

    Dear users:

    First of all, thank you to purchase and use F series of vehicles produced by Lifan Shijun Group (hereinafter referred toas the ¡°Company¡±)!

    I. In order to keep  vehicles in good technical situation and the  best operation state in the future, and  ensure them in normal use, users shall carefully read this Quality Warranty Manual and the attached User Manual. The Quality Warranty Manual is an important document as the major evidence to enjoy the quality warranty service and maintenance, and thus it shall be kept properly.  It is delivered along with the vehicle, and  no loss will be processed. Users are expected  to use

    the vehicle practically following this Quality Warranty Manual and the User Manual. Only proper use, reasonable loading and timely maintenance can keep vehicles in good technical situation and extended service life, so as to be more benefi-cial to guarantee users¡¯ good economic benefits.

    II. If  any vehicle needs maintenance  or repair, users  must go to  the technical service station  of Lifan Shijun  Group(hereinafter referred to as the "service station"), which is very important to us and users since such station has had profes-sional training, knows well about the brand of such vehicle, and is  capable of providing good technical maintenance and original parts  guarantee, so that  users can get  considerate and reliable  service. (If there  is no local  or nearby service station of our company, please refer to the following address book which is attached in this manual.) III. If any  user fails to  maintain his/her vehicle at  the service station by  rules within the quality  warranty period, any maintenance-related issues and  faults caused thereby will  be excluded from the  scope of the  quality warranty service. New vehicles which have run not more than two months or 4000 km (whichever occurs first) will be served with man-hour cost-free maintenance for the first  time, as well as fuel subsidies  for different vehicle models, for which users  shall take the purchase invoice and corresponding Quality Warranty Manual to the service station.


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