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    Projen industry

    Build an eco-economy and a win-win ecosystem

    With a corporate mission to keep innovation to develop; ensure quality to achieve; strengthen brand to cast future, Projen actively practices the message of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "winning development through innovation" and adheres to its development concept: strengthen the main business; maintain a multi-level, multi-directional, unique and professional development. Manufacturing-based, Projen industry realizes the development of ¡°+internet¡±, ¡°intelligent¡± and ¡°+culture¡± industries, co-ordinates projects in the fields of travel, tourism, high-tech and construction, and adheres to the Corporate goals of ¡°building an eco-economy and a win-win ecosystem¡±. The company has now developed a comprehensive industrial ecosystem that integrates manufacturing, travel, high-tech, and construction.



    Manufacturing industrial ecosystem

    Post-market automotive ecosystem, a one-stop, comprehensive, and omni-channel, encompasses manufacturing, sales, and service. Through ¡°innovation and sharing¡±, the concept of ¡°caring for truckers¡± runs through products and services. Build a complete industrial chain with full autonomy with partners and extend the added value and conversion value of the industry under the concept of ¡°sharing and win-win¡±.

    Traveling industrial ecosystem

    Through the marketing integration of the integrated solutions of Projen Experience, we will realize a new ¡°culture +¡± industry; and the company devotes to provide creative cultural communication and overall solutions integrating brand building, brand marketing, product marketing, and event planning while promoting truck culture. Livable Dali highlights the characteristics of refinement and elegance; so the corporate, while bringing out the natural and folk cultures of the region and bringing back ecology, establishes the most livable hotel lifestyle, respect nature and life, and at the same time continuously improves the hotel industry. The multi-level independent hotel brand is dedicated to providing guests with the most comfort experience.

    High-tech industrial ecosystem

    The corporate, focus on "Internet +", 3D printing technology, unmanned aerial vehicles and other latest technological elements, applies science and technology elements by creating projects such as "Joy + Car Networking", 3D printing, drone projects, and Projen general aviation, etc. In products and services, we will create more humanized, intelligent, and personalized technology products, and continue to strengthen the innovation and technology incubator capabilities of Projen's high-tech industry platform.

    Construction industrial ecosystem

    Integrating Projen intelligence, culture, and inventiveness into the life of our employees, the company is committed to building around the factory a ¡°live and fun¡± lifestyle, which is namely Live and fun Real Estate and highlights Projen culture; with professionalism and integrity, the company undertakes road construction and municipal engineering projects in order to return to society.

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