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    Myanmar diplomatic mission come and visit Projen Group

    Author:Release date:2016-07-06 10:28:57

    On February 24, by the Myanmar Ministry of foreign affairs, planning and administration division deputy director Ang shuttle temperate team Burmese foreign delegation line 12 people to visit the

    Projen group visit.

    Accompanied by the group related to the leadership of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar delegation visited Group SOJENF Series Micro trucks, PROJEN trucks, GOVZCT truck and other models , and visited the Group's technological line, Group Technology Center, 3D printing center, Kai Woda interior companies, for Group I state of development, product and technology research and development situation in depth understanding of the situation.

    During the visit, the Technical Center, deputy Long yunLang detailed diplomatic missions to Myanmar introduced the related technology patents Group Technology Center, 3D printing equipment and mold, the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Planning and Administrative Division of Aung Soe Win 3D printing is very interested in making a mold, and repeatedly praised.

    In GOVZCT company, Aung Soe Win to see the accurate painting robots manufactured auto parts very excited, praising the "Made in China" Great.

    As a major export models, Group Produced SOJENF Series Micro trucks have a large market in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian, South Asian countries, due to the good reputation, high popularity, good quality and in line with South Asia , economic and geographical conditions in Southeast Asia, but also to meet the daily needs of local people, SOJENF Series Micro trucks by Myanmar and other South Asian, Southeast Asia welcome. PROJEN Group of persistent efforts to bring more and better products to Myanmar, with the Southeast Asia.