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    Projen Group of the year "seven voyages" one billion yuan to build 110 points of sale

    Author:Release date:2016-07-06 11:00:48

    (Picture: January 20, 2015, Xi Jinping arrived at the National Economic and Development Zone Dali Projen Technology Intelligence Group, understand the business development.)

    (Picture: automated car assembly line, people can just press the button.)

    (Caption: Busy assembly plant)

    Projen Group in this side of the road, along a large extend. December 16, 2015, this reporter walked into Projen group factory , wall posters, the display front of the building, workshop, everywhere "innovation" word. Further visit, the new models, information intelligence modern workshop, cutting-edge technology industry ...... everything tells us here, "innovation" is not only stay in the tagline in a word.
    "General Secretary come, we did not delay one minute, determined by innovation, rushed into the Southeast Asian market in South Asia." Said company chairman Ma Weiliang. Say this, Projen Group in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka eight countries have established 110 sales points, while the local market for innovative design models have been off the assembly line, soon sold to these countries.
    Body shop worker invited machinery
    Production will be seven times the traditional production line
    We walked into the Projen Group in Dali Fengyi occupies 750 acres of the plant, did not imagine the roar of the machine, instead, is quiet and clean. On Avenue plant, while the new models for research and development in South Asia Southeast Asian markets; on the other side, it is the ongoing transformation of the workshop. "Now more than half of the factory's workshops are carrying out technological transformation." One manager said.
    Body shop, workers are debugging the newly installed robot. "In the future, workers in this workshop to all robots by welding them to complete the work." Du Jian, director of Device Management Center, said cab body shop mainly for welding, hundreds of parts come in a complete driving out room - this is the most central part of the car. So this workshop is only one production line, you need more than 200 workers, one day only completed more than 200 cab welding. By 2015, the factory invested 2 billion yuan for technological transformation, the plant accounted for more than 300 million yuan, has been the focus of transformation. "Changes to the information, intelligence, modern direction." Du Jian said, simply, is the body shop to two production lines, 105 sets of robots, we need only 70 staff to monitor. Output per day will increase to 1,500 units, almost seven times the traditional production lines.
    Equipment upgrades
    3D printing die one day after the car was
    Research and development of new models into production just one year
    "We are here with a 3D printer production molds." Du Jian, told reporters.
    This printer in Group Technology Center, "is the general secretary visits, standing here watching this 3D printer." Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the machine Yuan Jun recall at that time, proudly. Now, the technology center retains Jintao visits like when, still stood beside Introducing Projen Group panels.
    This sets the shape of a box big guy does not look complicated, just two people to operate and maintain, and Yuan Jun Tao. They are just outside the province in 2014 and coming back students, learning is machinery.
    "In fact, 3D printer operation is not complicated, the need to mold the data entered into the computer, the laser will be the raw material for carving, one day be able to complete a mold." Yuan Jun said that all the plastic molds for the car, you can use 3D Print to complete. A small amount of production, the print out of the mold after the silicone coating, it can use as a production mold.
    In front of the center of the display cabinets, in addition to display the 3D printed dashboard and other automotive mold, as well as a fine selection of small craft. Du Jian picked up a mini-version of "Eiffel Tower", said:. "Look, so fine workmanship, artificial difficult to do it, but you can 3D print"
    "This device is the end of 2014 to spend more than 20 million yuan put into use. Heretofore, a conventional mold needs six months, at a cost of 300 million. To change the data after the completion of the mold, they have to re-charge a lot of effort. And now mold print just one day at a cost of about 40,000 yuan. "Du Jian said this allows companies in the development of new models, you can quickly check data.
    With 3D printers, the new workshop of welding robots, Projen Group in innovation on the road continues to accelerate. Du Jian said: "A new car, from the idea to the realization of the production, the traditional automobile manufacturers will need about three years, we need only one year." This allows Projen Intelligence Group when there are more in the face of South Asia, Southeast Asia flexibility, to better meet market demand.
    Innovation brings vitality, attract a lot of young technical talent to join, Wang Tao and Yuan Jun is one of them. "This year, the factory technological transformation, with new projects launched in the technology center also exposed to many new technologies, so that our young people can learn a lot." Yuan Jun said.
    Dialogue Ma Weiliang (Projen Group Chairman)
    I heard that you just returned from Burma, which is 2015 times the first run of the Southeast Asian market in South Asia?
    Seventh times. In 2015, we have established eight countries, 110 points of sale, in addition to Cambodia, the Philippines and other countries have gone to Myanmar ran twice.
    I walked around feeling how?
    Ma Weiliang:
    What impressed me most is Bangladesh. The plane, feeling returned to us decades ago, bumpy road, a few kilometers away four hours. I asked, just over its land area in Yunnan 1/3, but the population over 150 million, which is the market ah! To develop it, the truck is a big demand, so we developed for local traffic, truck demand, efforts to enter this market.

    Lifan in 2015 Projen Group sales how?
    Ma Weiliang:
    In the overall economy is facing a downturn in the background, in 2015, we have encountered unprecedented difficulties. But we still keep the growth of various economic indicators maintained at about 8% growth rate. The largest contribution came from our sales in Southeast Asia, South Asia market. And to seize this market, we rely on innovation. We can say that innovation is to keep our jobs.
    Specifically how to achieve innovation?
    Ma Weiliang:
    After the general secretary came, we focus on the general secretary, to focus on "along the way", made four aspects of innovation -
    First, there is the concept of innovation. General Secretary of innovation mentioned several times, I understand, is not only product innovation, but also the concept of innovation: not only with their ratio, but also the courage and the domestic large enterprises than.
    Secondly, market innovation. Last year, we invested in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka eight countries, nearly 10 billion yuan, built 110 points of sale, also have their own service platform.
    Third, institutional innovation. I used to think that they are private enterprises, the system is very flexible, but in fact, there are more than fellow relations, nepotism, less modernized situation. Last year, around the system, we have to push reform in the forefront of the Group headquarters, on the upper and lower the under.
    Fourth, product innovation. South Asia, Southeast Asia, what products people need, what we have innovative products. And innovative process, we invited a lot of talent, a lot of R & D patents.
    He won many patents?
    Ma Weiliang:
    2014 We have more than 200 patents in 2015 to 400, it has doubled. General Secretary to the beginning of 2015, our patent is less than 10, there are now more than 30.
    These patents are mainly what aspects?
    Ma Weiliang:
    Innovation for all of South Asia, Southeast Asia market. For example, before buying a car in the country is focused on "Dora Run" to Myanmar, it is not a requirement that consumers pay more attention to performance. So, we changed a lot of things on the engine, chassis, air-conditioned interior, electronic control system.
    By 2015, we also carried out technical transformation investment of 20 billion this year, March 1, to adapt production to Southeast Asia South Asia micro cards, small micro card, light truck, a small card of intelligence, information technology, modern manufacturing production line at the plant in Fengyi in full swing.
    We have heard Laos, Thailand, the user wishes to Chinese enterprises to strengthen the voice service, the next step, when the Projen Group how to improve their service?
    Ma Weiliang:
    Previously, we in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the service relies on local dealers, but later discovered that the dealer will give him our aftermarket accessories sold separately, and other users to repair but no accessories. Last year, we changed the way, do 3 release: full liberalization of the warranty period, after the guarantee period to be warranty; ensure that the day to solve small problems, up to three days, if we can not solve is responsible for providing substitute vehicles; local climate hot sale we patrol the village, home delivery service. Current performance looks good, at least the headquarters has not received complaints after sale together.
    What future goals?
    Ma Weiliang:
    Fight within 5 to 10 years, the overall size to achieve 50 billion yuan. Now, financing is a problem for us, so we have to fight for market. Of course, if there is a large group of automobile manufacturing industry is willing to be our merger, I would like to become the chairman of the general staff, so our boat by the ship, to solve the financing problem, developed into an export-oriented large enterprises. (Spring City Evening News reporter Yang Qian Qin Meng Lin)