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    SOJEN°§DAIILAN heavy truck Celebrate Foreign orders

    Author:Release date:2016-07-08 16:03:13

    Projen Group February 10, Projen Group 10 DAIILAN heavy truck delivery ceremony was held in Vientiane, Projen Group SOJEN °§ DAIILAN super heavy truck, with its unique power and handling, excellent safety and cargo transport of goods when Yong pioneer. Projen Group usher in 2016 when Chun-opener, let Made in China become the pride of the people.

    (Picture: Laos customers and transfer the scene corner of their car)

    (Picture: Laos customers and their car)

    Ceremony,  when 10 JOJEN°§ DAIILAN  neatly arranged in the central square, on  behalf of the customer, Projen Group on behalf of manufacturers and  so attended the ceremony and made a speech. Projen  Group is SOJEN DAIILAN  produced when commercial series models, as  well-known domestic heavy truck Ge Aolei one has its unique advantages  and features, starting with cost point of view: low fuel consumption,  low maintenance costs, low maintenance costs. Secondly,  their body shape in accordance with international heavy truck trend new  design, classic European style, shape and mighty, quiet Ruoyu move. On  the body structure to optimize the design to increase the front and  side of the "crumple zones", wide front windshield and a multi-point  visual convex mirrors give you a broader visual driving, WEVB engine  exhaust brake technology greatly improves the driving safety of the vehicle. Again  frame made of high strength alloy steel P610 frame material, the 6300  ton press a one-time stamping molding, greatly improve the yield and  tensile strength, body by automatic welding robots, and robots automatic  cathodic electrodeposition coating, automatic, advanced and complete tooling equipment assembly, ensure DAIILAN  heavy truck has excellent performance. Bodywork  four-point suspension and damping device configuration airbag airbag  seat occupants can achieve the best effect in different road conditions,  to ensure maximum comfort of the occupants.

    (Picture: to go abroad, to the world