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    Myanmar Water-Splashing Festival

    Author:Release date:2018-03-01 14:04:07

    The pleasant song was singing, the water-flowers of blessings were springing up and those people in blue dress were dancing. On April 13th, the SOJEN celebrated splashing festivals and held parade activities in Mingalaton, Yangon, Myanmar. Hundreds of local people and SOJEN auto dealers splashed water around the booth and wished each other good luck, happiness and health.


    April 13 is the first day of the Burmese New Year. At eight o'clock in the morning, a cheerful song came from the stage named by SOJEN. Under the leadership of the dancers, the SOJEN auto agent dressed in blue costumes and the leader of PROJEN Industry filled their basin with water and splashed them into the air to show their blessings. Vehicles and people coming and going are giving a "response" to their blessings with water guns and buckets in their hands. As time went on, more and more people gathered around the exhibition booth. People danced and water-flowers splashed everywhere. What a spectacular scene!

    By answering questions, people who received the T - shirts and hats with words "I love Burma" were singing and dancing, calling a wave over a wave. At the height of the climax, hundreds of people yelled out "SOJEN, SOJEN". The song was once overshadowed by the sound. At the same time, The SOJEN car dealer in blue costume led the parade team to start from the SOJEN booth to the center of Yangon. On the way to the center of Yangon, they distributed the "SOJEN brokers" propaganda materials to passing pedestrians and vehicles .They also publicized and popularized the new sales model in Burmese. The introduction covered information from the introduction of products to the calculation of commissions.

    The SOJEN auto dealer is a new sales model based on the Burmese market situation by the Myanmar 4S shop in Yangon. On the one hand, this sales model can improve the national income of Myanmar and benefit ordinary people. On the other hand, this model can promote more high-quality, reliable SOJEN products to the market, allowing Burmese nationals to enjoy quality products synchronized with the world.