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    Projen Industry appears on the 2017 Guizhou Equipment Industry Exposition

    Author:Release date:2018-03-01 17:47:18

    2017 Guizhou Equipment Industry Exposition & Manufacturing and Internet Convergence íĄ Industrial Cloud Experience Exchange Meeting opens in Guiyang International Conference grandly on June 28, 2017 and will close on July 1, 2017. The topic of this exposition isí░Innovation, CombinationúČ  Manufacture and Cooperationí▒. Over 300 enterprises willshow up with more than 1300 exhibits. It can be considered as aí░Big Paradeí▒of equipment industry in Guizhou. 


    The opening ceremony of guizhou equipment industry exposition 2017.

    Projen is the representative of advanced manufacture enterprise so it takes part in this í░paradeí▒ unquestionably. In this exposition, Sojen Automobile of Projen shows good products and great spirits to people in Guizhou.

    Sojen Automobile of Projen takes a series of excellent products to the exposition, including unmanned aerial vehicle, car networking and 3D printing. People can have close contact with these excellent products during this exposition.

    Projen products attract many people.


    2017 China truck open, Projen truck is a member of it.

    Zhou Jiankun, municipal party committee secretary of Bijie, and Chen Yunsheng, deputy director of yunnan industry and information commission, are visiting Projení»s display area.


    Sojen Automobile of Projen has 5 manufacture bases, including Dali Fengyi Automobile Manufacturing Base, Dali Dengchuan Automobile Manufacturing Base, Guizhou Bijie Automobile Manufacturing Base, Guizhou Zunyi Automobile Manufacturing Base, and Guizhou Danzai Special Vehicle Manufacturing Base.


    Over the years, equipment industry has a steady improvement in Guizhou and has become one pillar industry of Guizhou Province. Guizhou Province has provided great support on research and development manufacturing to Projen as it is the main production site of Projen. Projen has fully showed the advanced technology and the ability in researching and development. This helps Projen to promote the brand and lay a solid foundation to open the domestic market.